Full Spectrum Productions, formed in 2004, by Lorna Holder is a not-for-profit company. Our main purpose is to design, develop and deliver interactive community educational projects.  We aim to inform, enable learning and participation through research, volunteer training, stage & film productions, learning packs, publications, displays, exhibitions and events relating to cultural and social issues in Britain.  




Jamaica Hidden Histories (2012-2015)

– The Jamaica Hidden Histories project presented an important opportunity to unearth and communicate valuable knowledge for diverse communities to understand Jamaica’s distinctive cultural identity. Through researching, learning and conservation, participants explored how Jamaican culture has, over 50 years, become a recognisable and global brand that continues to grow today.  www.jamaicahiddenhistories.com
Hanging Out

Hanging Out (2010-2012)

– The project focus is on the immense changes that occurred in popular and social culture by young people during the 1950's and 1960's.  The aim is to bring this period to life through an exploration of the fashions, music, sport, film and entertainment of that time.  www.hangingout.org.uk
Building Bridges

Building Bridges (2008)

– The experiences of the host community in seeing large groups of Caribbean people arriving in Britain after the 2nd World War.   www.tuaregproductions.com
Moving Out

Moving Out (2007)

– The contributions that Caribbean people made to industries in Nottingham during the 1950s/60s. www.tuaregproductions.com www.tuaregproductions.com
The ones we left behind

The Ones We Left Behind (2006)

– The impact on loved ones left behind as a result of the decisions Caribbean and other migrant communities made in leaving their homelands. www.tuaregproductions.com
Living under one roof

Living Under One Roof (2004-2009)

– Caribbean migrants arriving in Britain for the first time during the Windrush era and the tensions and celebrations of communal living. www.tuaregproductions.com

Projects supported by the Heritage Lottery Funds

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T: +44 207 692 2711 
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